Saturday, February 13, 2010

Four Reasons to Sell Now

Everyone is hearing that selling a property in this tough market seems like a challenge. If you are on the fence about putting your house on the market now, the National Association of Realtors give these reasons not to wait:

1. Sell low and buy low. Because all property values are down, the loss on the property a home owner sells is really only a paper loss because the next property he buys also will be a bargain. If he buys smartly, when prices come back up in a few years, he’ll be in better shape. It's all about percentages.

2. Down-payment help is widely available. While nothing-down loans have disappeared, it is easy to find down-payment assistance for lower-income and first-time home buyers. Programs vary all over the country, but one good way to find them is to search online for “down-payment assistance programs” and the name of your region. There are many first-time buyers out there as well as 'move-up' buyers, both of whom may be able to qualify for the tax credit.

3. Besides the tax credits for buyers, there is an array of energy tax credits that can make home improvements pay off in cash.

4. Good help is available. Really talented real estate practitioners, contractors, and designers are available and eager for business.

Don't wait, if you are considering selling call me at (401) 338-5102.

Image courtesy of Google Images