Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Importance of a Home Inspection

You have finally found The House. Your buyers' agent has negotiated a great price, you have signed a Purchase & Sales Agreement and now it's time to have The Home Inspection. Never skip the Home Inspection!! No buyers' agent worth his salt will let a client forego an inspection.

Hopefully before you get to this point, your agent sat with you and discussed the inspection process. Some of the inspections you may want to consider include Physical & Mechanical, Termite & Woodboring Insects, Radon Measurements, Water Analysis & Flow Test (if the house has a private well), Septic Inspection (if the house isn't connected to public sewer system) and Lead Hazard. Generally there is a time limit by which you must have the inspections completed. Check with your buyers' agent to find out what the practice is in your area.

A qualified Home Inspector will look for deficiencies that seriously compromise habitability and safety of the home or would be expensive to repair. You may get a written report or the report may be delivered to you electronically. For first-time homeowners, the inspections are especially valuable because your inspector may also give you some information about the workings of some of the mechanicals in the house and provide some maintanence information.

Hopefully your reports will be short on problems and the rest of your transaction will go along smoothly. But at least you will know you've done your best to avoid any nasty surprises after the closing.

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